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It is approximately 550 years of volunteering between them

Why it is important

The incredible dedication of our volunteer force, who commit a few hours a week or even just once a month, provides individuals with diverse support needs the ultimate gift – the opportunity to remain in their own homes, maintaining a sense of independence and dignity where they are happiest.


Our remarkable volunteer family, and ‘family’ is truly what it becomes, comprises individuals from all walks of life. We have enthusiastic teenagers seeking to give back to their community, families who cherish the bond forged through participating in meaningful activities, and professionals who recognize the value of life beyond the office.


Volunteering is all about enriching lives. While it may seem that our clients are the primary beneficiaries of the service, it’s evident from volunteer testimonials that they, too, derive immense satisfaction from their contributions.

Every volunteer plays a part

At the heart of Meals on Wheels lies a dedicated network of compassionate Meals on Wheels volunteers who not only deliver nutritious meals but also brighten recipients’ days with warm smiles and heartfelt conversations.


These selfless individuals form the backbone of our organisation, fostering invaluable social connections that truly make a difference in the lives of those they serve.


Can you help? We’re looking for:
• Committee members
• Fundraising

• Administration

• Kitchen hands
• Delivery drivers and assistants


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