Training Resources

Meals on Wheels Moreton Bay Region


National Meal Guidelines


All of our volunteers are encouraged to undertake Meals on Wheels online training managed by
Allara Online.


There are 8 training modules. Some of these are specific to all volunteers, whilst others are
applicable to specific roles.
Delivery Drivers and Assistants – Please complete the following 4 modules: Food Transport,
Harrassment and Discrimination, Workplace Bullying, Aged Care Quality Standards
Kitchen Assistants – Please complete the following 6 modules: Basic Knife Skills, Food Safety and
Hygiene, Harrassment and Discrimination, Kitchen Training, Workplace Bullying, Workplace Health
and Safety
Administration, Fundraising and Management Committee – Please complete the following 3
modules: Harrassment and Discrimination, Workplace Bullying and Aged Care Quality Standards

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